“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 27: The Spider Bite, Internet Searches, & Wall Grimm the Bad Employee Needs a Spanking

November 6, 2012

Last night I think I was bitten by a spider.  I have three little bumps on my stomach.  It was either a giant spider with three huge fangs, or a little spider with tiny fangs that pack a punch and bit me three times.  Whatever.  I’m debating whether or not to vote today.  I’m at work right now, I wasn’t fired from skipping out Friday and not getting back to Sharly until Sunday.  I was honest.  I said this girl messed with my head and then I got all fucked up with my friend and lost track of time and sense of obligation.  She said she’s been there herself so she was was understanding which was cool.  But it’s partially not cool because I might eventually take advantage knowing I can.  Then, at some point, I’ll have pushed the limits one time too many and she’ll let me go and I’ll have never seen it coming.

About voting, I’ve been too self absorbed to follow the issues except for the ones thrown in my face, so I’m wondering if an ignorant vote is worse than no vote at all so I’m not sure.  I think I’ll talk to Sharly and get her opinion and I like the way she thinks so maybe I’ll ask her whom she’s voting for and I’ll vote the same way.  But two things before I move onto the next subject: 1. I’m sorry imaginary journal reading people that I brought politics into my journal.  2. Yes, even in my journal I will write ‘whom’ unless the mood lends for a disregard of grammar.

Speaking of whom, or whatever, I went on line and typed into the search “who” “what” “when” “where” “how” “why” and these are the search options I got from auto complete:

WHO:  whole foods, who won debate, who won rose bowl 2012, who knew, who won the debate, whoopi goldberg, costco wholesale, doctor who, who wants to be a millionaire, bj’s wholesale club

WHAT:  what its kony 2012, what is 2011 nfl lockout, what does chupacabra mean, what is the debt ceiling, whastmyip, what are capers, what is a sinkhole, whataburger, whats new pussycat, what’s on tv

WHEN:  when daylight savings ends, when does big brother 2011 start, when to work, when is easter 2012, when was jesus born, when do you ovulate, when downloading is legal, when will i get my tax rebate check, when i grow up lyrics, when is daylight savings 2012

HOW:  how to tie a tie, howard stern, how do you know, how much water to drink daily, how to make chloroform, how many calories in a banana, how to crochet, how to get a passport, how i met your mother, how to draw

WHERE:  where to vote, where’s my refund, where to buy spanx, where can i watch movies online for free, where are they now, where the wild things are, wheresgeorge, where are fireworks tonight, where can i buy a wii, where’s waldo

WHY:  why is facebook not working, why do ladybugs have spots, why doesn, why can, why are manhole covers round, why is nfl lockout, why why love, why is the sky blue, why so serious, why marriages fail

WALL GRIMM’S FAVORITES: who knew, whoopi goldberg, dr who (I like Dr. Who, Dr. Who is cool) what does chupacabra mean, whataburger, whats new pussycat, when to work (why would someone look this up online is what I want to know), when do you ovulate, how do you know, how to make chloroform (really? that’s some scary mother fucker, FBI flagged maybe?), how many calories in a banana (does anyone really care? anorexic, maybe?) how to draw (as if they’re going to get a simple answer: get a piece of paper, grab a fucking pencil, put the pencil to the paper and…), where to buy spanx (because I have no idea what spanx are, if they are even real), where are they now (who?), where’s waldo ( I was hoping this one would turn up), ok these two: why doesn (not my mistake that was actually the search) and why can (….what?), and lastly, gotta love ‘why so serious’ because yeah Heath Ledger was cool, may he rest in peace.

Anyway, slow day at work, that’s how I just spent my last hour, guess I should do some kind of something efficient.  Bad employee needs a spanking.  Sharly?


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10 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 27: The Spider Bite, Internet Searches, & Wall Grimm the Bad Employee Needs a Spanking

  1. Morbid Insanity

    “why do ladybugs have spots”
    lol nice! I searched about ladybugs too. I like them.
    A friend calls me ladybug, because I’m short. ¬¬

  2. This was well written. You made the lists, which were probably easy to copy and paste, but then it took a while to format it. And while I was reading the lists I was planning on which ones I would comment on here. But almost all of them were in Grimm’s favorites, which was a good way to follow up if someone was really going to all of the trouble of writing this shit down. Funny.

  3. Thanks! Actually, I just had two separate windows together not in full screen and had the search options left open while I typed them into the post, so pretty simple. But these were the legitimate searches which I had to write about.


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