“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 20: The Job, Charlotte’s Web, Delusions, & a View of Emma

October 23, 2012

I’m at my new job right now.  This is my second day.  The hours suck but they’re also awesome.  I work noon to 8pm Monday through Friday.  I don’t have to work weekends unless someone switches with me, or vice versa.  I get to sleep late, and I get out early enough to enjoy my evenings.  I make $12 per hour.  What sucks about the hours is that it’s like the whole entire day.  I sleep in kind of late so it’s like I get up, go to work, come home, get high, go to sleep.  That’s if I don’t go out.  I’m going out tonight.  It’s cool working in a bookstore though and the manager really likes me.  Her name is Charlotte, and the name of the book store is Charlotte’s web, which is both clever and fucking stupid.  People call her Charly, pronounced with a sh sound so yeah, I guess that’s how I should spell it.  Sharly.

Ok, here’s a quote for you imaginary journal reading people, I wonder if you know where it’s from, “there’s a fine line between clever and stupid.”

Anyway, I’ve learned that Sharly is 49 and was never married but now she’s living with her 35 year old girlfriend.  Nice.  She’s pretty hot for a 49 year old, she behaves and looks like a 30 year old, and yeah, I’d fuck her.  And her girlfriend.  At the same time.

So there’s that, and I’m actually working right now, drinking tons of coffee because I’m kind of needing some coke, (cocaine that is, not the “tasty beverage” –another quote).  Fucking clean from 12-8 every day…my hands shake, and I’m kind of sick and irritable, but I contain it.  But I think I might kick someone’s ass tonight just to get this mania out of my system.  Some customers just came in, so I’m going to attend to them, since I am the Cash Register Attendant.  But three quick things:

1.  The Shadowy Guy seems to have taken up shop by the urinals.

2.  Now I’m seeing Kathy, not only in my dreams, but in my waking life.  But only here at the bookstore.  She’s usually just sitting in the arm chair reading a book.  Weird how this place has, in two days time, become free range for my delusions.

3.  Emma stopped by a little while ago for my supper break.  She behaved like she had no idea I left feeling offended the other night.  Her shirt was unbuttoned right at her tits so…well I told her, but only when she was leaving.  During her visit, I enjoyed the view when she wasn’t noticing.  She left and I went in the bathroom to jerk off, that’s when I encountered the Shadowy Guy.  At first it freaked me out.  Then I was like, “a little privacy, man, come on”  And that made him go away.

But yeah ok gotta go to the customers.  I feel so official.


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2 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 20: The Job, Charlotte’s Web, Delusions, & a View of Emma

  1. Where’s the “fine line” quote from? I got Pulp Fiction’s.


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