“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 19: Dean Martin & Dinner at Emma’s

October 21, 2012

Dinner at Emma’s, well, what can I say except that I have become a fool with my new expectations.  Or I have always been a fool and my expectations have become more foolish.  Emma made me lasagna, because she knows I love lasagna.  I love my Italian fare mmmmmmmm…

So yeah, dinner was nice and she even played some Dean Martin, lit some candles, and we had chianti.  Basically the evening was set up for romance.  She was romancing her Sicilian friend, or so I thought.  We have never had any awkward moments in our friendship, apart from when we were kissing that one time recently.  She slapped me and left, but then she blew it off the next time I talked to her like nothing happened and like I was nuts for thinking she was pissed off at me.  No awkward moments even after she ‘liked’ that candid photo on FB that my neighbors were so kind as to post of my package posing nicely tucked within (but nearly bursting out of) my bikini briefs.

Then there was dinner.  She set up my ideal evening.  She even got a red and white checkered tablecloth.  A plastic one because she knows that reminds me of my Nana, God rest her soul.  To top it all off, Emma made a rum cake using my Nana’s recipe that my mother gave her a copy of.  That’s enough to make any real man horny.  Especially any real Sicilian man.

When we’re done eating, meal’s done, rum cake’s done, we sip on cordials of Sambuca, then I stand and grab her hand, swinging her around to dance to old Dino.  I don’t know what it is, but when I do stuff like this that is normally attributed to the pleasantries of older folks, it makes me feel kinda cool and sophisticated.  Makes me feel good about myself that I can appreciate fine things like this at a young age.

So we’re dancing to Dino, I’m holding her close and singing in Italian to her and she’s laughing.  Then “You’re the Right One” began to play.  At first I was still just singing to her,

You’re the right one Yes, the right one I have never been so sure Of anyone before

You’re the first time And the last time You’re the one time There’ll be no more

You’re the star that always seems so far But darling here you are For all the world to see So if you love me Say you love me For I know you’re the right one for me

You’re the star that always seems so far But darling here you are

And right about here I looked into her eyes and then it became awkward.

For all the world to see So if you love me Say you love me

Right about here, I got hard.

For I know you’re the right one

Here we stopped dancing and it got serious.

For me

This is when she laughed, playfully pushed me away, and said, “Grimm, silly guy.”

Then I excused myself to the bathroom to collect myself.  Then I left because I wasn’t able to collect myself enough.  So yeah, it was obvious to her that I was somehow offended, I’m sure of it.  But whatever.  I’ve been hiding from everybody just drinking alone like a proper drunk should do.  Tomorrow I start my new job, so that should be cool, hopefully I won’t fuck it up.  Maybe Emma just thinks I’m a loser.  It’s becoming clear to me that she’s actually too good for me.  Maybe I should change things before she figures that out too, if she hasn’t already.  She always says I’m like her brother.  But I’m not her brother.  How the fuck can I be more than that to her?  I need to change that, and this job is a good step.


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5 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 19: Dean Martin & Dinner at Emma’s

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. I love when Grimm is feeling romantic. Also love music making it’s way into writing.

  3. I’m not going to talk about penises anymore.


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