“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 18: Imaginary Journal People & The Job Interview

October 19, 2012

Good fucking morning to you imaginary people who are reading my secret journal!!!  Yeah well I went to my job interview yesterday at the book store and I got the job, which is amazing.  I went in and it’s a new local book store, not a monolith (maybe I got hired because I use words like monolith).  So it had couches and arm chairs and coffee tables, and go figure they had free coffee.  They had new books and used books.  So yeah it’s a pretty cool place.  The manager is a woman, maybe in her fifties and I think maybe she wanted to fuck me which is why she hired me.  This is kind of how the interview went:

“So I see you haven’t worked in about 6 months, can you explain that gap in your employment history?”

“Well part of that time I was traveling and the rest of the time I was looking for a job.  I interviewed for a couple, but…I wasn’t hired…obviously.” Laughed I, in a state of unease.

“Your last job was at St. Anthony’s Cemetery?”


“What were your responsibilities there?”

“Well mostly maintenance, like mowing the lawn, grass, making sure there were no dead plants and flowers, or things didn’t blow around, just kind of upkeep of the graves and the landscape of the cemetery.”

“Why did your employment there end?”

“Well there wasn’t much work over the winter and then working in a cemetery started to get a little melancholy.”  I thought that was a good opportunity to be multisyllabic.

She laughed, “I can imagine.”

She had a pretty smile and a nice laugh, so I chuckled.

She winked at me and changed the subject to nothing remotely to do with professionalism or responsibilities or character traits that would make me succeed as a privately managed, brand new, eventually to go out of business bookstore cash register attendant.  (I made that word up because it’s a cool title.  Clerk seems so meagre and cashier is feminine).  Cash Register Attendant!  Yeah!

She asked me about my travel to the South West and my visit to the Grand Canyon.  I will have to tell you imaginary journal spies about it sometime.  Anyway, I got the job and now Emma will be cooking me dinner tonight.  Nice.  It’s not going to be easier now, though.  Keeping the job will be the hard part.


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2 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 18: Imaginary Journal People & The Job Interview

  1. I’ve worked in a bookstore like that!

    • I worked in a couple bookstores, but none like this, though I’ve been to stores like this. This is my favorite kind of bookstore. One of the stores I was employed at, I worked with a satan worshiper with a constantly running nose.


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