Wall Grimm’s New England Foliage Photo

“Leaves on the Water”

by Wall Grimm


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8 thoughts on “Wall Grimm’s New England Foliage Photo

  1. Do you take those by yourself?

    • Yes I do, not much of a photographer at all, it’s just a nice camera. I took this one last year, it’s in the old Wall Grimm directory. I like this picture because it has the reflection of the red trees in the water, and leaves floating on top.

  2. Desiree G

    Okay, this makes my leaf shot look pathetic!

    • Nah, don’t say that. It’s not the picture anyway, I was fortunate to have those bright red trees with a really blue sky reflected in the water. I had nothing to do with that. Besides, your leaf shot evokes a kind of melancholy I think, and Autumn can be a symbolic and literal time of change and transition. Sometimes it’s hard to let things go, but there’s hope for what’s to come. Your image is poetic in that way.

      • Desiree G

        It is quite a contrast from Grimm’s melancholy musings to your optimistic outlook.

        • Well, Grimm has some bouts of optimism, and there’s a lot of subtle suggestions of it, it’s how he keeps going. And it’s because the Grimm stage is behind me, I’ve learned ;)

          • Desiree G

            I am thrilled the Grimm stage is behind you, but feel selfish that I am glad you had that stage to begin with. I am really enjoying the Journal. And I believe you have most likely learned by surviving — the harshest teacher of all.

          • I’m definitely glad that I’ve experienced everything I did in my life, because I’m in a good place now, and that was the path that led me here and made me who I am now. And thank you. Glad you’re liking it. I love writing it.


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