“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 15: More About Ankhs, List II

October 11, 2012

It’s really early in the morning and I can’t sleep.  So I’m going to tell you more about Ankhs, then I have another list for you.  Because I’m into Ankhs lately, and I’m 23 so maybe it’s not too late to eventually become an Egyptologist.  If anyone ever reads my journal after I die, I know they’ll laugh at that.  But nothing’s impossible.

The list is my last list, I think, because after two lists, I think I’ll be bored with them.

Wall Grimm’s information about Ankhs:

The Coptic Christians adopted an Ankh-like image as their own symbol and the Ankh has been called the Egyptian cross.  The loop is the life force, Prana, Chi or as named in Egyptian, this Life Force is called Sekhem or Khaibit.  These energies carry the same attribute which is existence in and of, above and beyond, below and ever itself.  By coming in tune with the harmony of this force, awareness will birth.  That’s all for now.

Wall Grimm’s list part II:


I like pizza, beaches, camping, woods, animals, nature, rivers, oceans, blow jobs, sex, igloos, coffee, books, friends, traveling, psychic ability, MST3K, lots of different kinds of music, tattoos, girls with tongue rings, hot air balloons, The Kids in the Hall, social media, book stores, libraries, college, running, skiing, going to clubs, watching girls dance, smoking cigarettes, dinosaurs, Einstein, Dr. Who, MythBusters, Kari on MythBusters, I really like Kari on MythBusters, masturbating, masturbating and Kari on MythBusters, Emma, Edgar Allan Poe, being a Gypsy, Stephen King, hearses, morticians, mantids, egg nog, monsters, movies, Halloween, boxer briefs, bikini briefs, helicopters, train rides, the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Bruins, concerts, street performers, magicians, Santa Claus, hot showers, people, being high…


I don’t like being high, social media, friends, college, smoking cigarettes, bikini briefs, the Yankees, the Celtics, Santa Claus, the Great Pumpkin, cold showers, stupid people, people who piss me off, rude people, superficial people, politics, condoms, child abuse, animal abuse, global warming, space travel freaks me out, Uncle Dan, the shadowy guy, suicide, being caught pissing in the woods by other hikers, the smell of shit, when other people fart in my apartment, eggs, pork, onions, toenails, being poor, needing a job, not having a girlfriend, being American (sometimes I think if I only had some kind of accent, my entire life would be completely different), and girls who become stalkers…


I’ve been beaten, battered, rewarded, blown, fucked, kissed, touched, photographed, abandoned, loved, hated, ignored, denied, welcome, high, drunk, unconscious, inebriated, unloved, drugged, sick, ugly, attractive, shorter than I am now, poisoned, hospitalized, shot, stabbed, tickled, licked, mentioned, liked, included, invited, molested, raped, stupid, incoherent, pressured, scrutinized, homeless, employed, unemployed, unaware, clueless, lost, alone, afraid…


I dream of … maybe this is another list for another time, or not.


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4 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 15: More About Ankhs, List II

  1. Too much masterbation, you muted the comments. I’m here avoiding masterbation myself, and alcohol, so it makes sense to me that an honest journal by a single guy would include masterbation. The devil’s handshake, I just invented that, you think it’s been used?

    • Yeah, Grimm jerks off a lot. And as I replied in your other comment before I saw this one, I did have more likes and comments, but lost them in the transition of making a separate blog for Grimm. The devil’s handshake, I never heard that before, that’s awesome! I just looked it up, it’s a drink with tequila, it’s a book, a song, and other things, but I like your urban dictionary definition.


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