“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 9: Jameson’s, Mumford & Sons, and the Possum

September 27, 2012

I don’t remember what I was going to write because as I was hanging outside at my parents’ house with a bottle of Jameson’s, listening to Mumford & Sons, I heard a strange noise and looked up to see a possum that looked like it got hit by a car.  I think they’re nocturnal, the thing looked really disoriented and had some blood on its face.  I got up and told my mom to call someone.  While I did that, the possum went over to the fountain my dad built to drink a bunch of water.  It was obvious that the possum was a frequent visitor to the yard because it went straight to the water.  I thought that was interesting that after it got hit it came to my parents’ yard like it was a sanctuary.  That’s what pets do.  I had a cat that got hit by a car and it came home to die.  So it was like the possum felt at home here and figured it was a safe place to die.  It was really weary.  It tried to go in the woods after it drank and I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep it in the yard.  I wanted to know where it was so I could get it some help.  Its weakness prevented it from moving too quickly so I diverted it from whichever direction it chose to go.  I crouched down and said “It’s ok” over and over again.  It went around the pool and was beneath the stairs and I thought it might settle there because it wasn’t an open space.  I sat in it’s path to kind of trap it there until it settled.  I went into my house and my parents said that no one was going to come get it.  I think that’s appalling.  I think there should be a wildlife rescue league or something around here.  Anyway, I got the cat carrier and then I got the possum to move into the carrier by poking it a little with a stick.  Then I brought it to a local vet who takes in wildlife if you give him a donation.  All I had was twenty bucks.  I called later and they put the possum to sleep.  They said they couldn’t save it, it had too many internal injuries.  I thought that made sense, but I also thought that the cost of euthanasia was probably around twenty bucks, so I didn’t have enough money to rehabilitate the animal.  I could be wrong, but whatever.  I’ve saved lots of animals before.  I don’t like to see things suffer, especially innocent things like animals.  It’s the best thing I do in life is help in that way.  Otherwise, my life is a long slow course of self destruction.


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2 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 9: Jameson’s, Mumford & Sons, and the Possum

  1. 2 days later for Grimm. No connection to the Emma plot? I guess this one was powerful enough to distract him from her. Or was he blue from rejection and feeling run over like the possum?

    • Well it gets back to it. These beginning posts don’t really have much plot since a lot of the story comes from excerpts or complete journal entries that I wrote about my life, those that were salvaged from campfires. Emma’s pure fiction. In the beginning, I had no idea where I was going with this, it was just something to do when I started my other blog, it kind of became something accidentally.


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