“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 7: Camping, Ankhs, & The Image in the Woods

September 24, 2012

I went camping over the weekend.  From Friday until today which is Monday.  Obviously I go without technology except my cell for emergency purposes so I brought my notebook and did some writing that way, which I do a lot more than people might think.  I like to go to go to public places alone and just sit there and observe people and see things differently, just open my eyes to things I don’t see when I’m talking or out with friends.

I’ve been reading about Ancient Egypt and I’m into Ankhs lately.  Ankhs are life and living and have so many meanings, it’s really deep.  Ankhs are the force of creation, the force of destruction and resurrection.  Ankh is the invisibility of breath. The Ankh is the mystery of the gods but it’s kind of undefinable. There’s no explanation of the Ankh that accurately touches it.  Ankhs have been thought to depict sandals or sandal straps, or even hand mirrors.  It’s also interpreted as intellect and wisdom.  The Ankh is a key that not only brings life and breath but also is the instrument that bestows life and breath.  The symbol of the Ankh has become a part of our contemporary world, which will someday also be considered ancient.

My tongs remind me of Ankhs and I’m seeing the shape everywhere in nature now.  Friday night by the campfire, I was the Fire Keeper, I always am.  I build the fire and tend to the fire, and I keep it going, I don’t let it die down.  Fire needs air in order to burn, to live so I was kind of like the breath giving Ankh.  But I was tending the fire, being in a zone when I’m in my own space and I get real quiet and people know I’m just in the moment, watching the flames and feeling calm.  I looked beyond the fire into the woods where it was pitch black.  I saw a form that freaked me out.  It was almost like an Ankh or like a man, like an Ankh man or man Ankh but it was limber like a man and his head wasn’t so big, but don’t get me wrong I wasn’t seeing an alien or anything.  Maybe Ankhs depicted aliens.  Anyway, I saw this foreboding image, it gave me a chill, like something dark, but not necessarily evil.  Just like doom or melancholy.  Some kind of darkness seeping under my skin.  I swear this thing looked at me.  I don’t know what it was, but maybe I was hallucinating.  But then I tried to focus on the fire again, because that thing scared the hell out of me but the fire was peaceful.

But that’s ok because the best peace is found in the hell. When you suffer, and there’s a moment of nothing, you take that moment and let it happen, and take it as the peace it is, because it won’t last, but that doesn’t mean it was never there. There’s always peace to be found, you just have to pay attention.


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51 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 7: Camping, Ankhs, & The Image in the Woods

  1. Desiree G

    I like the last line a lot. Wish I believed there was truth to it.

    • Thank you. I believe there is truth to it. Even if it’s only for a moment in the chaos. Just a moment of stillness when you recognize the beauty of something simple, like a sunset. If no where else, I always find peace in nature anyway. I hope you find a way to feel it too.

      • Desiree G

        When you are replying to these comments, are you responding as Sage or as Grimm? I’m trying to keep you two straight! ;)
        I hope I can find a way to feel it too. Most days I forget that there is such a thing as a sunset. Unless I am at the beach. Then I sit on the sand and wait for it all day.

        • lol good question. I will only reply as Grimm on the dialogue with Grimm page. It was weird because after my last response there to you, I thought, damn, Grimm rarely uses exclamation points, that wasn’t really in character. But every where else I’m Sage. I was just on your blog and saw your photos, maybe photography is a time of peace for you, when you’re focus on things and finding beauty in them?

          • Desiree G

            That helps to know who exactly I am talking to!
            In some ways there is peace in some of the images that contain some form of beauty. A lot of times I take pictures that I identify with in some way, like the weathered vessel!

          • Yeah I liked that picture. I like to find things like that, an old barn, an abandoned building, things that would otherwise be considered eyesores, can look amazing in photographs.

  2. Ankhs look like crosses.

  3. I like Ankhs… I would be ankle deep in ankhs… I would put ankhs in banks… I want ankh in my badonkadonk


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