“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 5: Grimm’s Blues Song & Whiskey

September 17th, 2012

My name is Wall Grimm and I wrote a blues song:

You think you got it covered
but you don’t know a thing
You think you know the song
but you can’t even sing
What’s wrong with your eyes
ain’t they able to see?
That you’re a wrecking ball baby
and you’re wrecking me
You got your hands on your ears
you can’t hear a thing
You don’t give a damn
what sorrow you bring
You’re making it dry
when it once was a sea
‘Cause you’re a wrecking ball baby
but don’t you mess with me
I got no time for your nonsense
I’ve got a ways to go
Then I’ll be gone baby
before you know
don’t knock me down
I’m gonna build again
I’m gonna build a wall
so you can’t get in
You created this mess
I won’t clean it up
I’ll be far gone
before you stop
….wrecking me,
‘Cause you’re a wrecking ball baby
but don’t you mess with me

Yeah so that’s my blues song, maybe somebody can put it to music sometime.  I don’t sing or play guitar or anything, but I guess I have the blues today.  I’m going out tonight to fill my blood with whiskey.

I’m going to walk real slow into the bar.  Gonna enter all cool and casual and all heads will turn.  Then I’ll be aloof and brooding.  That’ll stir up some murmurs.  The ladies like aloof and brooding.  They like a bad, blues man, with a whiskey in his hand.  That’s going to be me.

I’ll walk in there real slow, and probably fall on my face on my way out the door.  Then I’ll demolish my mysterious exterior that I built up the last few hours.  Tomorrow night I’ll have to go to a different bar and try again.


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39 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 5: Grimm’s Blues Song & Whiskey

  1. toad (chris jensen)

    By some kind of magic, I have now found earlier posts of “The Journey of Wall Grimm” now I have some reading to do…

  2. toad (chris jensen)

    Reblogged this on thisoldtoad.

  3. Morbid Insanity

    “The ladies like aloof and brooding. They like a bad, blues man, with a whiskey in his hand.”
    Some ladies really like it. Especially the ones who appreciate what is interesting. ^_^

    • lol yeah, some ladies do, I know that from experience.

      • Morbid Insanity

        Hmmm, it means that you already played the bad blues man to get the girls, or just witnessed?

        • ummmm well I used to go to blues bars and drink lots of whiskey, so things happened ;) One of my favorite things that happened was I told this girl I was a writer, just in conversation, and she was so impressed and just flattered me, made me feel famous. I liked that lol

          • Morbid Insanity

            “so things happened” >>> lol sure! The night was “productive”, right?!

            Oh, nice! I bet the sensation is good. ^_^

          • Yeah I’ve had productive nights lol
            And the sensation is awesome!

          • Morbid Insanity

            I won’t doubt it! ;)

            I can try to imagine…the sensation. When I attended a short story competition, I showed my story, Dolores, to a few people who liked it, and some cried. It was weird, but not bad, the sensation. Of course it is not close of what you felt, but I have an idea. ^_^

          • No it’s very similar, just not a one on one response. I know it’s similar because I’ve done poetry readings and slams, and I had a short scene performed once and they had a “question the author” thing after. It was cool. So it’s definitely a similar sensation.

          • Morbid Insanity

            Wow, very nice! “question the author” >>> I think I’d never be able to face something like that. There’s a place I used to go that you can go and read to everyone your own poetry or short story. A friend told me to go there and do it, but no way! Nor with all the wine they serve to the public. lol

          • lol well I’m positive your work would be valued, it might make you feel really good.

          • Morbid Insanity

            I have to admit that, sometimes, I’m tempted to give something mine to someone else read. Just to see people’s reaction, to know what they think… Maybe one day extremely drunk I ask a friend to do it for me! lol

          • Well you can share with me if you want.

          • Morbid Insanity

            Man, after LONG minutes, I understood your words! Your brain intimidates mine, a little bit, but I’ll think about it. ;)

          • I’m not intimidating, but that’s flattering. But English isn’t your first language, right?

          • Morbid Insanity


            Exactly. I have to translate everything I write – I don’t do it correctly – because it’s difficult for me to think in English. :/

          • Ah, well then, you’re grasp of the language is amazing, you need to give yourself some credit. And the work on your blog is intense.

          • Morbid Insanity

            Really?! O.o Hmm, one day, maybe… I used to write screenplays, but gave up the classes long time ago, then I see everything in scenes and not in words. I guess it is one of the reasons why I don’t appreciate what I write and it makes me believe that what I write is not great and good enough to be “explored”. :/

            Thanks! ^_^

          • Yeah, sometimes, especially during the hardest times in life, I imagine that I’m in a movie. At least my life’s not a sitcom though lol

          • Morbid Insanity

            “Yeah, sometimes, especially during the hardest times in life, I imagine that I’m in a movie.”
            I do it all the time, but the worst part of doing it is to come back to reality and see that everything is still the same. :/

          • Yeah, that’s true. I guess I do it when it’s harder to deal with. When it’s more in me to deal with it, I face the reality.

          • Morbid Insanity

            In the end, what left for us is to face reality, right?!

          • Yep, unavoidable.

  4. I loved your blues song although “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” is a classic. Good old John Lee Hooker. Can’t beat good blues.

  5. Reblogged this on "The Journal of Wall Grimm" and commented:

    Today’s post is a reblog, maybe some of you have never read it. Enjoy!

  6. Ahh, great song! I feel ya!

  7. oh… hell… yeah…

  8. I think that ,makes a really good Blues song.

  9. Look at you with more song lyrics :)


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