“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 2: Shadow Worms in the Rain

September 9, 2012

Talking is more exhausting than writing.  Listening is the least exhausting of all, unless you’re actually hearing.  Not staying in contact with some people, will not hinder any progress.  I should not worry about any of these people, they distract me from my focus.  All I want in my life is lots of tea but I’m a coffee drinker.  Earl Grey and Herbal.  Starbuck’s is too bitter.  I’m from Massachusetts, I drink Dunkin Donuts.

The sun keeps showing itself and it feels warm through the sliding glass door.  There are two parts of me that battle yet could complement each other.  I need discipline.  I’m planning to go to the Museum of Fine Arts, and maybe to the Boston Public Library.  I have had too much excess, not enough sleep.  I shouldn’t go to bed at 5:00am anymore.  And I need to quit smoking and I need to quit cocaine, and lots of things.  Quit is my new word.

I’d like to ease my way into certain tactics.  Nobody wants to listen to the meaningless crap I have in my head, so I have to get rid of it, then move ahead, and make this shit happen.

I hear this ringing from somewhere and it’s very loud.  It’s coming from somewhere outside and it is somewhat disturbing.  If I was a color I would be blood red, dark blood red.  If I was a smell, I would be black earth.  If I was a mood, it would be melancholy.  I am no more, no less, but infinite.

I look outside at the same tree and and see the same branch that presents itself as a gargoyle clinging to the tree in a territorial and active manner.  And the gargoyle looks inside at me.  By now we know each other well.  Last night I sat in the car waiting for Danika to come out of her apartment to bring me her Cat Stevens CD that she’s loaning me.  It began to rain heavily.  The reflection of the rain slithering down the driver’s side window spread itself over my body, particularly my thighs.  The shadows were black on my jeans and appeared as worms or sperms or serpent like creatures rushing across my lap frantically.  They seemed to be fleeing, searching for safety and they disappeared somewhere in the car.  It was quite a trip.  So I stared more and more, I could imagine that the shadows were real creatures and I wondered if I had been insane, whether or not they would frighten me.  It was a brilliant storm.


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107 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 2: Shadow Worms in the Rain

  1. Morbid Insanity

    “If I was a mood, it would be melancholy.”
    Interesting! I liked that.

    • Thank you, this one comes entirely from my own journal excerpt, from way back when.

    • Yeah, I just reread it, this is one of the few that every word is verbatim from my own journal back in the past. Except for Danika, which replaces the name of a friend. Just a little insight to you since you have been so dedicated and coming here. I really appreciate that :)

      • Morbid Insanity

        Thank you for that, Sage. :)

        • You’re welcome :) Many posts have bits and pieces, a paragraph or a sentence or a situation. Many, especially the newer posts, are all created. But that’s like any fiction I think.

  2. Desiree G

    If I was a smell, I would be black earth. —– something we have in common.

  3. I agree. Black fertile soil is beautiful. Smells wonderful

  4. Enjoyed the post. My favorite lines are captured in your fourth paragraph, I love the way you describe your color, smell and mood, as well as your existence. Off topic, I am enjoying your poetry as well.

    • Thanks so much, I appreciate that. Thanks for commenting and letting me know. I’m enjoying your blog as well btw, great to have made your acquaintance.

  5. Likewise!

  6. Reblogged this on "The Journal of Wall Grimm" and commented:

    It’s been a busy few days and this will continue until Tuesday or Wednesday, so here is the second ever posted Wall Grimm journal entry. Enjoy!

  7. wait… why is there only one of these… usually I see like three of the same post…

  8. You go to the museum and the library on cocaine? I knew I liked you. And if people stop listening to the meaningless crap in my head, I am quitting people…

  9. A colour, wet red sandstone, reminds me of the wild places in the highlands to home, where the scents to the forest wake just after a storm, and the mood is one of an alive nostalgia , alive in the mountain air, home.

  10. “There are two parts of me that battle yet could complement each other.”

    Things come work really well when you can get oppositions working together.


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