Grimm’s Thoughts on the Shut Down

October 18, 2013

Well it’s good that the government has decided to Open Up instead of Shut Down, or Shut Up and take action.  Anyway, I wasn’t affected by the shut down at all.  There was no impact apart from the lack of maintenance at local National Forests when the trails became unsafe after wind and rain.  So the trails became undetectable at times, making it easy to get lost.  Then if you get lost, there are no rangers to save you.  Also, there’s more of a possibility of a branch falling on your head, that would have otherwise been cut down.  And the trails get muddier because no one is coming by slapping boards down on them.  But that’s just a natural hike, so no big deal, no big impact.  Not like some of those federal workers who had no choice but to go to work since their work was imperative, and yet they wouldn’t get paid.  I guess they’d get retro pay, but what about the need for money at that time?

The worst effect I personally saw however was this:


Now that just sucks.

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