1: The Meaning of Wall & Grimm’s Friend Kathy

2: Shadow Worms in the Rain

3: Tony, & Kathy’s Letter

4: Individualism, Personality, & Ayla

5: Grimm’s Blues Song & Whiskey

6: Bad Patterns, Premature Ejaculation, Dracula, & Edgar Allan Poe

7: Camping, Ankhs, & The Image in the Woods

8: Grimm’s Best Friend Emma

9: Jameson’s, Mumford & Sons, and the Possum

10: Troubled Kids, Teddy Bears, & The Shadowy Guy

11: Grimm, Emma, Ankhs, & Vampires

12: Emma, The Landlord, & Wall Grimm’s List

13: The Rave, the Cab Ride, & the Girl with the Green in Her Hair

14: The Shop & The Reaper

15: More About Ankhs, List II

16: Masturbating, The Robbers, The Freak, & Facebook

17: Crypticisms, Stupidity, & Superiority

18: Imaginary Journal People & The Job interview

19: Dean Martin & Dinner at Emma’s

20: The Job, Charlotte’s Web, Delusions, & a View of Emma

21: Ayla, Dave, & Wall Grimm’s Insight

22: Hope Like Fire & the Chat Room

23: Samhain

24: Captain Grimm

25: The Girl with the Tongue Ring

26: Matilda, Uses of a Tongue Ring, & Missing Work

27: The Spider Bite, Internet Searches, & Wall Grimm the Bad Employee Needs a Spanking

28: The Wall, The Clash, & Wall Grimm’s Gary Oldman Evolution

29: Ayla, The Harmonica, The Pitcher of Beer, Pete, & Grimm’s A**hole

30: Franz Ferdinand, Wall Grimm’s Undies and Estimations, Flower, & Bob

31: ‘Are you wearing a dress?’

32: Gary Oldman, “Tiptoes,” & Grimm the HD STAG

33: The Party, Dropkick Murphys, & Randy’s New Girlfriend

34: Lauren the Stalker, The Shadowy Guy, & The Man on the Toilet

35: Thanksgiving

36: Camping, Grimm the Naked Wolf, & the Firewoman

37: Dreams of Kathy & When Grimm Met Emma

38: Grimm’s Fate & Melody

39: The Night at Pete’s, & Dolores

40: The New Journal, the Accidental Gay Experience, & the Hippy

41:  Pete & Grimm’s Punk Philosophy

42: Lauren & the Castaway Christmas

43: The Abduction of the Journal Part 1

44: The Abduction of the Journal Part 2

45: The Tent, Sweetheart, & Encountering In Solitude

46: Emma, Gary Oldmanism #1 of 2013, & the Gorillaz

47: The Ski Trip

48: Danika & the Karaoke Machine

49: Zombies Zombies Zombies Zombies Zen

50: Pain Meds, Zombie-ish-ness, Doing Stupid Shit, & Gary Oldman

51:  Wall Grimm’s Zombie Rant and Wall Grimm the Zombie

52: The Blizzard & Jerking Off

53: The Gypsy, the Vampire, the Werewolf, the Zombie, & Gary Oldman

54: Valentine Demolition

55: A Valentine Poem for Emma

56: Grimm’s Philosophy of Stroking

57: Punk, The Blues, & Change

58: Sharly’s Concerns & Grimm the Slacker

59: The Bee’s Knees, Grimm’s Mom, and Sweetheart’s Name

60: The Gay Bar, Hasty, & Wall Grimm’s Ecstasy Epiphany

61: Dinner, Pokeno, Introspection, & the Awesome Shit

62: The Tattoos, Hasty, Patrick, & Getting Zozzled

63: Horror Movie Dreams & Grimm’s Goods on Display

64: Kissing Pete, Grimm’s Alley Fetish, & Sweetheart’s News

65:  Grimm’s Weekend Mistake # 1: Pete, & Wall Grimm’s Philosophy of Intention

66: Grimm’s Weekend Mistake #2 & Philosophy of News, The Little Spy, & Another Wall

67: St. Patrick’s Day, Dropkick Murphys, The Pub Crawl, & WTF Happened Last Night

68: Grimm’s Repercussions, Individuality Philosophy, & Restruction not Destruction

69: Grimm, Hasty, & Patrick Build a Snow Fort

70: Bob’s Money, Wall Grimm’s Lists of Bad and Good Things, & The Rhealm of Grimm

71: Exuding Charisma, Ripley on Crack, Men Stuff, & ABBA

72: WTF is Wrong With the “Walking Dead” Writers? & Hire Me

73: Hasty’s Birthday

74: The Phantom on the Park Bench

75: Back on a Bench & The River Charles

76: The Creme Egg, The Rich Girls, & The Final Bench

77: Melody, Another Gary Oldmanism, & Monty Python’s Hats

78: A Physical, Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional Orgasm, & Paula

79: Paula & Grimm

80: Friday Night Celebration at the Irish Pub

81: Hospital Visitors & Involuntary Detox

82:  Grimm’s Drug Fairy Tale & 5 Interesting Things About Detox

83: Withdrawals, Group, & The Black Hole

84: Wall Grimm’s Tale of Sex and Woe in Detox

85: Sex, Paula, Sex, Exercise, Sex, Wall Grimm the Arrogant Asshole, Sex

86: The iPod & The Gangsta

87: A Poem with Hasty

88: Grimm’s Mini Lobotomy & The Italian Restaurant

89: The Welcome Home

90: Hasty Hates Paula, the Impending Road Trip, and Mother’s Day

91: Looking Spruce, Out With Mom, & Wall Grimm’s Drug Philosophy

92: “Demons” by Imagine Dragon

93: Grimm’s Stupid Friends, Grimm-like Stealth, & Vanilla K



Road Trip 1: Avast Ye Mateys!

Road Trip 2: Sombreros

Road Trip 3: St. Augustine

Road Trip 4: Grimm and Snow White

Road Trip 5: New Orleans

Road Trip 6:  Houston part 1, The Stun Gun

Road Trip 7: Houston part 2, Hermann Park

Road Trip 8: Hog Tied in Texas, & Yellowstone

Road Trip 9:  Ghosttown and Glacier

Road Trip 10:  Oh Yay We’re Somewhere

Road Trip 11: Temperance

The posts below continue numerically from the list prior to the Road Trip.  Is that confusing?  Confuses me a little…

94: The Kept Boy

95: Hasty’s Account of Devastation, Oklahoma City Tornado

96: Lunacy, Hysteria, & Gary Oldman II

97: The Journal of Valente Grimani, Age 4

98: Grimm’s Birthday, Emma, and Grimm’s Emotional Hangover

99: Dave & the Meatball, Grimm’s New Perspective

100: The Outlaw Grimm Wales & the Fire

101: Wall Grimm’s Progress in Priorities

102: The Best F*king Lasagna & Step 1

103: Grimm the Cowboy & Iona

104: Iona’s Friends, Ironic Fidelities, & Empedocles

105: The Tree Demon & Plans for Hampton Beach

106: Adriana21

107: Swimming Naked, Moving Out, & Being Boring

108: An Altered State of Humor

109: The Zombie Picnic

110: Rejected Grimm & Cappuccino

111: Gunslinging Grimm the Kilted Cowboy Goes Viral

112: Gary Oldman (II)’s Important Job

113: Wall Grimm’s Newest Epiphany

114: Special Agent Hasty McPudding and the Microchip

115: Wall Grimm’s Priority Shit & Aromatherashit

116: The Temptress

117: Grimm of the Steppes and Coffee with Sharly

118: The Birthday Gift & Pete the Hero

119: Grimm & the Aluminum Bat

120: AA, Wall(paper) Grimm, and Grimm the Pig

121: Daily Fiber, Wall Grimm’s Philosophy of Mistakes, & Love Grimm

122: The Man with the Guitar, Disguises, & Peaceful Solitude

123: Blues Grimm & The Convoy

124: Fate, Obstacles, Avoiding Trouble, & the Return of Sweetheart

125: Responsibilities & Resentments

126: Grimm Breaks Down & Man’s Up

127: Blues Monday, A Few WTF’s, & Talking With Howard

128:  The Proposal, Pocket Dialing, Grimm the Dad, & Not Alice

129: Grimm & Valentina Have an Encounter

130: Blocking Abilities, Edie Gets Grimm in Trouble, Grimm Defends Sharly, & The Phallus Babi

131: Working on Abilities & Valente Spirto

132: The Cops, Grimm the Cop, & Xena the Warrior Princess

133: Reservation Birth, The Blues Feel, Gary Oldmanisms, & Lord Gary Oldman

134: A Very Special Grimm

135: Grimm The Lowly Not-A-Real Cowboy

136: Intellectual Falafel & The Haunting at Sharly’s

137: Dave is Stupid, Family Therapy, & Grimm’s Journal Theme Songs

138:  Grimm & Hasty in Boston part 1

139: Grimm & Hasty in Boston part 2

140: Valentina

141: The Hospital & Pete

142: The Institution, Limbo Between Life and Death, & Looking Stupid

143: Bogart & the Constable

144: Bogart, Kristin, & Grimm’s Novel

145: Temporary Grimm Paper & the Manic Dragon

146: Wall Grimm aka Dr. Robert Keitel of Greenfield Psychiatric, Experimental Unit

147:  Grimm the Go To Guy

148: Dr. Keitel the Fraud, Bogart the Nutter, and the Goth Girl

149:  De-Christmasifying, Missing Stuff, Reflections, & Grimm and Bogart Basket Cases

150: Stupiditum Disorder Impulsive Type & Sunshine in a Bag

151: Preparing to Leave & Seasons in the Sun

152: Going Home

153: Depressing and Boring Grimm, & a Gary Oldmanism

154: Wall Grimm’s List of 20 Curious Events

155: The Blues and The New

156: Grimm the Boring Old Guy & Retrospect is Always Too Late

157: Bogart the Shelter Dog and Ernie & Burt

158: Instincts, Sex, An Oldmanism, & Grimm’s First Ever Steve Martinism

159: Wall Grimm’s List of Identities

160: Living With Howard, Assholes, Technology, Girls, & Pheromone Phenomenon

161: Buzzkill Grimm Stuck in WTF

162: Spam, Terminator Penis, “Walking Dead”, & Valentine’s Day

163: Valentines & Valerian

164: Grimm’s Culminating Identity

165: Gender, Psychicisms, & Grimm Morrison the Lizard King

166:  The Actors, the Disney Princess, the Egyptian God, & Uncle Dan

167:  Mixed Emotions and Undefined Philosophies

168:  Random Thoughts, Grimmheads, & Vincent LaGuardia Grimmbini

169:  Grimm the Oxymoronic Dork Greaser Eats a Snickers

170: Emma’s Birthday & Striving Grimm el Chico Tranquilo

171: Emma’s Birthday part II & the Premature Boom

172: Scat, Fork, Douchebag, & Dada

173: “Sharknado” & What Did Great, Great, Great Grandpa Grimm Do?

174: Thoughts of Kathy

175: The Smooth Agent Provocateur

176: Postmodern Abduction

177: Cola and the Caballero

178: Wall Grimm’s Entourage

179: Wall Grimm’s Philosophy of Dwelling & Penguini a la Cola

180: Secrets, Acceptance, & Rage

181: The Trannie, the Drunk, & the Cat with an Attitude

182: The Tale of Jean Nicolas Valiquette

183: Grimm the Abstract Gypsy Caballero Personal Protagonist

184: Future Potential Domesticisms & Hating Love

185: Iona, the Theme of Random, & Psychotic Mental Vomit

186: Bogart, Men-Haters, Sensuality, & Other Stuff

187: Special Agent Spy Grimm the Romantic Neurocollegist

188: For Emma

189: Rigamacaronified, Nondignification, & Rising Up Against the Dick-Tator

190: The Timey Wimey Journal That Goes Ping & Tossing Figurative Cookies

191: Sweetheart’s Letter

192: Prospects for the Clan

193: Visiting Bogart

194: Irrelevant Thoughts and No Excuses

195: Distractibility and Seeking Thrills

196: Confusing People and New Flatmates

197:  Boundaries and Hidden Meanings

198: Bogart the Psychotic Acrobat

199: Bogart Meets a Girl

200: Grimm on the Hunt

201: Grimm Meets a Girl

202: Supplying Chocolate, Vacuuming Private Parts, the Beach, & Lizard King Competition

203: Master of Stating the Obvious & Grimm in Love

204: Grimm’s Birthday, Harmonica, and Underwear

205: Teetotaling Grimm and the Drunken Maiden

206: Grimm, Bogart, Pete, Cola, & Gary Oldman (II) Go Camping

207: Brief Boringness, Undulating Brain Waves, and Grimm’s Philosophy of Attraction

208: The Drunken Maiden’s Morning After

“The Absconded Journal” Entries as told by Hasty at :

(written by Hasty) 209: Bogart and His Man Panties Full of Nuts

(written by Hasty) 210: Grade School Cooties and Face Lickers

(written by Hasty) 211: Strange Tendencies and Burnt Marshmallows

(written by Hasty) 212: Cola Flu, Childish Behavior, with a Dash of Seriousness

(written by Hasty) 213: Pockets Full of Sunshine and Rohypnol

And Grimm is back writing his own journal entries:

214: Super Attractive Grimm’s Commentary and Philosophy of Introspection

215: Grimm’s HyperSynopsis and Apple Bottom, Served with Eggnog

216: Bogart and Ashley

217: A Sh*tload About A Lot of Sh*t

218: Valentina, Internal Battles, and the Distraction of Jessica Lange

219: (untitled)

220: This Journal Entry Has a Title

221: Nothing Else is Salsa

222: Ladies Past & Dignified Grimm, The Kind of Guy to Laugh At

223: Iona, Olivia, & Paula

224: Solenne

225: Random Stew



  1. toad (chris jensen)

    i’ve gotten through road trip 1, 2, 3, now that i know more of wall grimm he goes much of the same problems i’m going through…

    • Well that’s awesome that you can identify with him. It’s funny but so many different kinds of people have expressed that. Maybe part of it is, since it’s a journal, he’s honest. Most people tend to keep that stuff inside, but we get to read all his thoughts. I won’t ask you what you identify with because it could be private, but if it’s some of his struggles, then I wish you the best with that.

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  5. ~meredith

    Wonderful blog. Enjoying your series on the kidnapping of Grimm… Your layout and presentation here amazes and inspires me. Thank you for visiting my blog. I would not have discovered this treasure had you not left your print! Kudos! ~Meredith

  6. Oh Sage how I’ve missed you. I’m battling serious health issues but so excited to see how to reach you. Thanks for stopping by, I consider it a privilege. I can’t wait to get caught on what crazy farting, masterbating friends you have hanging around. Take care , know you’re not able to respond to all comments, no problem. Seeing you little face by the like button is all I need.

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  8. I see you’ve been busy (:


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