1: The Meaning of Wall & Grimm’s Friend Kathy

2: Shadow Worms in the Rain

3: Tony, & Kathy’s Letter

4: Individualism, Personality, & Ayla

5: Grimm’s Blues Song & Whiskey

6: Bad Patterns, Premature Ejaculation, Dracula, & Edgar Allan Poe

7: Camping, Ankhs, & The Image in the Woods

8: Grimm’s Best Friend Emma

9: Jameson’s, Mumford & Sons, and the Possum

10: Troubled Kids, Teddy Bears, & The Shadowy Guy

11: Grimm, Emma, Ankhs, & Vampires

12: Emma, The Landlord, & Wall Grimm’s List

13: The Rave, the Cab Ride, & the Girl with the Green in Her Hair

14: The Shop & The Reaper

15: More About Ankhs, List II

16: Masturbating, The Robbers, The Freak, & Facebook

17: Crypticisms, Stupidity, & Superiority

18: Imaginary Journal People & The Job interview

19: Dean Martin & Dinner at Emma’s

20: The Job, Charlotte’s Web, Delusions, & a View of Emma

21: Ayla, Dave, & Wall Grimm’s Insight

22: Hope Like Fire & the Chat Room

23: Samhain

24: Captain Grimm

25: The Girl with the Tongue Ring

26: Matilda, Uses of a Tongue Ring, & Missing Work

27: The Spider Bite, Internet Searches, & Wall Grimm the Bad Employee Needs a Spanking

28: The Wall, The Clash, & Wall Grimm’s Gary Oldman Evolution

29: Ayla, The Harmonica, The Pitcher of Beer, Pete, & Grimm’s A**hole

30: Franz Ferdinand, Wall Grimm’s Undies and Estimations, Flower, & Bob

31: ‘Are you wearing a dress?’

32: Gary Oldman, “Tiptoes,” & Grimm the HD STAG

33: The Party, Dropkick Murphys, & Randy’s New Girlfriend

34: Lauren the Stalker, The Shadowy Guy, & The Man on the Toilet

35: Thanksgiving

36: Camping, Grimm the Naked Wolf, & the Firewoman

37: Dreams of Kathy & When Grimm Met Emma

38: Grimm’s Fate & Melody

39: The Night at Pete’s, & Dolores

40: The New Journal, the Accidental Gay Experience, & the Hippy

41:  Pete & Grimm’s Punk Philosophy

42: Lauren & the Castaway Christmas

43: The Abduction of the Journal Part 1

44: The Abduction of the Journal Part 2

45: The Tent, Sweetheart, & Encountering In Solitude

46: Emma, Gary Oldmanism #1 of 2013, & the Gorillaz

47: The Ski Trip

48: Danika & the Karaoke Machine

49: Zombies Zombies Zombies Zombies Zen

50: Pain Meds, Zombie-ish-ness, Doing Stupid Shit, & Gary Oldman

51:  Wall Grimm’s Zombie Rant and Wall Grimm the Zombie

52: The Blizzard & Jerking Off

53: The Gypsy, the Vampire, the Werewolf, the Zombie, & Gary Oldman

54: Valentine Demolition

55: A Valentine Poem for Emma

56: Grimm’s Philosophy of Stroking

57: Punk, The Blues, & Change

58: Sharly’s Concerns & Grimm the Slacker

59: The Bee’s Knees, Grimm’s Mom, and Sweetheart’s Name

60: The Gay Bar, Hasty, & Wall Grimm’s Ecstasy Epiphany

61: Dinner, Pokeno, Introspection, & the Awesome Shit

62: The Tattoos, Hasty, Patrick, & Getting Zozzled

63: Horror Movie Dreams & Grimm’s Goods on Display

64: Kissing Pete, Grimm’s Alley Fetish, & Sweetheart’s News

65:  Grimm’s Weekend Mistake # 1: Pete, & Wall Grimm’s Philosophy of Intention

66: Grimm’s Weekend Mistake #2 & Philosophy of News, The Little Spy, & Another Wall

67: St. Patrick’s Day, Dropkick Murphys, The Pub Crawl, & WTF Happened Last Night

68: Grimm’s Repercussions, Individuality Philosophy, & Restruction not Destruction

69: Grimm, Hasty, & Patrick Build a Snow Fort

70: Bob’s Money, Wall Grimm’s Lists of Bad and Good Things, & The Rhealm of Grimm

71: Exuding Charisma, Ripley on Crack, Men Stuff, & ABBA

72: WTF is Wrong With the “Walking Dead” Writers? & Hire Me

73: Hasty’s Birthday

74: The Phantom on the Park Bench

75: Back on a Bench & The River Charles

76: The Creme Egg, The Rich Girls, & The Final Bench

77: Melody, Another Gary Oldmanism, & Monty Python’s Hats

78: A Physical, Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional Orgasm, & Paula

79: Paula & Grimm

80: Friday Night Celebration at the Irish Pub

81: Hospital Visitors & Involuntary Detox

82:  Grimm’s Drug Fairy Tale & 5 Interesting Things About Detox

83: Withdrawals, Group, & The Black Hole

84: Wall Grimm’s Tale of Sex and Woe in Detox

85: Sex, Paula, Sex, Exercise, Sex, Wall Grimm the Arrogant Asshole, Sex

86: The iPod & The Gangsta

87: A Poem with Hasty

88: Grimm’s Mini Lobotomy & The Italian Restaurant

89: The Welcome Home

90: Hasty Hates Paula, the Impending Road Trip, and Mother’s Day

91: Looking Spruce, Out With Mom, & Wall Grimm’s Drug Philosophy

92: “Demons” by Imagine Dragon

93: Grimm’s Stupid Friends, Grimm-like Stealth, & Vanilla K



Road Trip 1: Avast Ye Mateys!

Road Trip 2: Sombreros

Road Trip 3: St. Augustine

Road Trip 4: Grimm and Snow White

Road Trip 5: New Orleans

Road Trip 6:  Houston part 1, The Stun Gun

Road Trip 7: Houston part 2, Hermann Park

Road Trip 8: Hog Tied in Texas, & Yellowstone

Road Trip 9:  Ghosttown and Glacier

Road Trip 10:  Oh Yay We’re Somewhere

Road Trip 11: Temperance

The posts below continue numerically from the list prior to the Road Trip.  Is that confusing?  Confuses me a little…

94: The Kept Boy

95: Hasty’s Account of Devastation, Oklahoma City Tornado

96: Lunacy, Hysteria, & Gary Oldman II

97: The Journal of Valente Grimani, Age 4

98: Grimm’s Birthday, Emma, and Grimm’s Emotional Hangover

99: Dave & the Meatball, Grimm’s New Perspective

100: The Outlaw Grimm Wales & the Fire

101: Wall Grimm’s Progress in Priorities

102: The Best F*king Lasagna & Step 1

103: Grimm the Cowboy & Iona

104: Iona’s Friends, Ironic Fidelities, & Empedocles

105: The Tree Demon & Plans for Hampton Beach

106: Adriana21

107: Swimming Naked, Moving Out, & Being Boring

108: An Altered State of Humor

109: The Zombie Picnic

110: Rejected Grimm & Cappuccino

111: Gunslinging Grimm the Kilted Cowboy Goes Viral

112: Gary Oldman (II)’s Important Job

113: Wall Grimm’s Newest Epiphany

114: Special Agent Hasty McPudding and the Microchip

115: Wall Grimm’s Priority Shit & Aromatherashit

116: The Temptress

117: Grimm of the Steppes and Coffee with Sharly

118: The Birthday Gift & Pete the Hero

119: Grimm & the Aluminum Bat

120: AA, Wall(paper) Grimm, and Grimm the Pig

121: Daily Fiber, Wall Grimm’s Philosophy of Mistakes, & Love Grimm

122: The Man with the Guitar, Disguises, & Peaceful Solitude

123: Blues Grimm & The Convoy

124: Fate, Obstacles, Avoiding Trouble, & the Return of Sweetheart

125: Responsibilities & Resentments

126: Grimm Breaks Down & Man’s Up

127: Blues Monday, A Few WTF’s, & Talking With Howard

128:  The Proposal, Pocket Dialing, Grimm the Dad, & Not Alice

129: Grimm & Valentina Have an Encounter

130: Blocking Abilities, Edie Gets Grimm in Trouble, Grimm Defends Sharly, & The Phallus Babi

131: Working on Abilities & Valente Spirto

132: The Cops, Grimm the Cop, & Xena the Warrior Princess

133: Reservation Birth, The Blues Feel, Gary Oldmanisms, & Lord Gary Oldman

134: A Very Special Grimm

135: Grimm The Lowly Not-A-Real Cowboy

136: Intellectual Falafel & The Haunting at Sharly’s

137: Dave is Stupid, Family Therapy, & Grimm’s Journal Theme Songs

138:  Grimm & Hasty in Boston part 1

139: Grimm & Hasty in Boston part 2

140: Valentina

141: The Hospital & Pete

142: The Institution, Limbo Between Life and Death, & Looking Stupid

143: Bogart & the Constable

144: Bogart, Kristin, & Grimm’s Novel

145: Temporary Grimm Paper & the Manic Dragon

146: Wall Grimm aka Dr. Robert Keitel of Greenfield Psychiatric, Experimental Unit

147:  Grimm the Go To Guy

148: Dr. Keitel the Fraud, Bogart the Nutter, and the Goth Girl

149:  De-Christmasifying, Missing Stuff, Reflections, & Grimm and Bogart Basket Cases

150: Stupiditum Disorder Impulsive Type & Sunshine in a Bag

151: Preparing to Leave & Seasons in the Sun

152: Going Home

153: Depressing and Boring Grimm, & a Gary Oldmanism

154: Wall Grimm’s List of 20 Curious Events

155: The Blues and The New

156: Grimm the Boring Old Guy & Retrospect is Always Too Late

157: Bogart the Shelter Dog and Ernie & Burt

158: Instincts, Sex, An Oldmanism, & Grimm’s First Ever Steve Martinism

159: Wall Grimm’s List of Identities

160: Living With Howard, Assholes, Technology, Girls, & Pheromone Phenomenon

161: Buzzkill Grimm Stuck in WTF

162: Spam, Terminator Penis, “Walking Dead”, & Valentine’s Day

163: Valentines & Valerian

164: Grimm’s Culminating Identity

165: Gender, Psychicisms, & Grimm Morrison the Lizard King

166:  The Actors, the Disney Princess, the Egyptian God, & Uncle Dan

167:  Mixed Emotions and Undefined Philosophies

168:  Random Thoughts, Grimmheads, & Vincent LaGuardia Grimmbini

169:  Grimm the Oxymoronic Dork Greaser Eats a Snickers

170: Emma’s Birthday & Striving Grimm el Chico Tranquilo

171: Emma’s Birthday part II & the Premature Boom

172: Scat, Fork, Douchebag, & Dada

173: “Sharknado” & What Did Great, Great, Great Grandpa Grimm Do?

174: Thoughts of Kathy

175: The Smooth Agent Provocateur

176: Postmodern Abduction

177: Cola and the Caballero

178: Wall Grimm’s Entourage

179: Wall Grimm’s Philosophy of Dwelling & Penguini a la Cola

180: Secrets, Acceptance, & Rage

181: The Trannie, the Drunk, & the Cat with an Attitude

182: The Tale of Jean Nicolas Valiquette

183: Grimm the Abstract Gypsy Caballero Personal Protagonist

184: Future Potential Domesticisms & Hating Love

185: Iona, the Theme of Random, & Psychotic Mental Vomit

186: Bogart, Men-Haters, Sensuality, & Other Stuff

187: Special Agent Spy Grimm the Romantic Neurocollegist

188: For Emma

189: Rigamacaronified, Nondignification, & Rising Up Against the Dick-Tator

190: The Timey Wimey Journal That Goes Ping & Tossing Figurative Cookies

191: Sweetheart’s Letter

192: Prospects for the Clan

193: Visiting Bogart

194: Irrelevant Thoughts and No Excuses

195: Distractibility and Seeking Thrills

196: Confusing People and New Flatmates

197:  Boundaries and Hidden Meanings

198: Bogart the Psychotic Acrobat

199: Bogart Meets a Girl

200: Grimm on the Hunt

201: Grimm Meets a Girl

202: Supplying Chocolate, Vacuuming Private Parts, the Beach, & Lizard King Competition

203: Master of Stating the Obvious & Grimm in Love

204: Grimm’s Birthday, Harmonica, and Underwear

205: Teetotaling Grimm and the Drunken Maiden

206: Grimm, Bogart, Pete, Cola, & Gary Oldman (II) Go Camping

207: Brief Boringness, Undulating Brain Waves, and Grimm’s Philosophy of Attraction

208: The Drunken Maiden’s Morning After

“The Absconded Journal” Entries as told by Hasty at :

(written by Hasty) 209: Bogart and His Man Panties Full of Nuts

(written by Hasty) 210: Grade School Cooties and Face Lickers

(written by Hasty) 211: Strange Tendencies and Burnt Marshmallows

(written by Hasty) 212: Cola Flu, Childish Behavior, with a Dash of Seriousness

(written by Hasty) 213: Pockets Full of Sunshine and Rohypnol

And Grimm is back writing his own journal entries:

214: Super Attractive Grimm’s Commentary and Philosophy of Introspection

215: Grimm’s HyperSynopsis and Apple Bottom, Served with Eggnog

216: Bogart and Ashley

217: A Sh*tload About A Lot of Sh*t

218: Valentina, Internal Battles, and the Distraction of Jessica Lange

219: (untitled)

220: This Journal Entry Has a Title

221: Nothing Else is Salsa

222: Ladies Past & Dignified Grimm, The Kind of Guy to Laugh At

223: Iona, Olivia, & Paula

224: Solenne

225: Random Stew



  1. toad (chris jensen)

    i’ve gotten through road trip 1, 2, 3, now that i know more of wall grimm he goes much of the same problems i’m going through…

    • Well that’s awesome that you can identify with him. It’s funny but so many different kinds of people have expressed that. Maybe part of it is, since it’s a journal, he’s honest. Most people tend to keep that stuff inside, but we get to read all his thoughts. I won’t ask you what you identify with because it could be private, but if it’s some of his struggles, then I wish you the best with that.

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  3. Nice presentation.

  4. thanks for the visit…you are a great blogger worthy of the follow…

  5. ~meredith

    Wonderful blog. Enjoying your series on the kidnapping of Grimm… Your layout and presentation here amazes and inspires me. Thank you for visiting my blog. I would not have discovered this treasure had you not left your print! Kudos! ~Meredith

  6. Oh Sage how I’ve missed you. I’m battling serious health issues but so excited to see how to reach you. Thanks for stopping by, I consider it a privilege. I can’t wait to get caught on what crazy farting, masterbating friends you have hanging around. Take care , know you’re not able to respond to all comments, no problem. Seeing you little face by the like button is all I need.

  7. Excellent site. A lot of helpful information here. I’m sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you on your sweat!

  8. I see you’ve been busy (:

  9. Appreciating the commitment you put into your blog and in depth information you offer. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  10. PUIYIN W.L.

    Hello there. Don’t know if you remember me but you gave me an award some time ago. I am doing a post on my blog’s six year anniversary and you came to mind. I haven’t forgotten about you. Just wanted to pop in and say ‘hi’. Hope all is well. X


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